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San Diego, California

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Doc-style commercial cinematographer. I specialize in organic, hand-held camera work, smooth gimbal operation, and naturalistic lighting.

I'm well connected in San Diego and would be happy to help you assemble the rest of your crew and/or gear rentals if you're coming from out of town.

I have a Canon C300 MKIII camera package with an EasyRig for hand-held work and a Ronin for gimbal work.

I also have a wireless director's monitor package and other helpful gear available for rental.

I have been in the industry since 2002.

Interviews Reel
Added on 11/20/2018
This is a cinematography demo reel of interviews and on-camera hosts that I have lit and shot.


Chris is a total pro! I hired him to DP and operate a gig I was producing. He was extremely professional, creative, and a complete pleasure to work with. I’m very happy with what he and his team was able to bring to the table and would totally hire him again.

Eric Vondell
Media Producer, Datto, Inc.

Chris is one of my go-to guys. His work is consistently amazing, his attitude always one of can-do, and he always seems to have the right tool to make the shot happen. He's creative and efficient, and is able to work fast and still deliver great looking footage. Plus, he's just a nice guy, so that's always a plus on set.

Eric Addison
owner, 100 ACRE FILMS

As an out-of-town producer I needed a great shooter, and almost as important, someone who could foresee and deal with every production problem that might arise. Chris combined those skills; he was talented, creative, flexible, dependable and a total pleasure to work with. The footage he shot for us looks and sounds terrific. I recommend him without reservation.

Stuart Cleland
Video Producer, Rotary International

Chris was very professional, creative with the direction he was given and good at solving problems on the fly. I would hire him again.

Kevin Hasenkopf
Video Producer, Henry V Studios

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