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Bromborough, United Kingdom

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I write and compose music to film. Horror, Action, Emotional, Suspense, Thriller, Drama or basic piano. It has taken a long time to set up the system I have constructed so that I am able to bring in sounds at any time whilst the screen shot is playing. I don't need to move position as the sounds are controlled by 14 pedals so that the complete orchestra is ready when I need it. There is a certain technique for playing various instrumental sounds through the keyboard and the techniques are created after many years of practise. For example the violin is a pull on a bow which gives you that long drawn out sound from the instrument therefore understanding the instruments is a vital part of creating a good sound track. This is the difference between paying someone like me to produce the sound quality and getting quality and value for your dollar. I therefore have a complete orchestra at my fingertips and create any sound or special effect required.

I have been in the industry since 1988.

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