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I am an editor and director based in Los Angeles, CA, who has worked on various independent feature films, short films, documentaries and commercials. I recently edited the feature films "Best Mom" and "Buddy Solitaire", and the documentary short "Madness: The Cost of Carbs". I also recently directed and edited the short film "Head Wound", which made the rounds on the festival circuit.

A work is completely transformed in the editing room, and I love molding it and shaping it in order to convey the best work possible. I am an excellent editor of story and performance, as well as action and comedy. I love crafting the rhythms of the film in order to best convey the emotions and story of the piece. I am well versed in Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Avid, and Final Cut.

Recently working as a director as well, I am great at working with actors and bringing out their best emotions, as well as shaping the dynamics and blocking of scenes. I'm very visual minded as well, with a strong sense of cinematography and shot-listing and camera blocking. So working with a cinematographer, as well as the production designer and various other creatives on set, comes quite natural to me as well.

Film is a wonderful collaborative process, and I adore being a part of it, whether it's as the editor shaping it or the director overseeing it from start to finish.

I have been in the industry since 2015.


Editor – bUMS
December, 2019 — current
Feature – Jason Raphael Productions
Editor – Rooted
August, 2019 — November, 2019
Short Film – Satellite Films
Editor – Madness: The Cost of Carbs
June, 2018 — September, 2018
Short Film – Satellite Films
Editor – Japantown
June, 2018 — September, 2018
Short Film – Satellite Films
Editor – Miniature Man
October, 2017 — December, 2017
Online – OhMore Story
Editor – Best Mom
August, 2017 — March, 2018
Feature – XII Entertainment
Editor – Comedy Therapy
April, 2017 — May, 2017
Online – OhMore Story
Assistant Editor – Breaking 2
April, 2017 — May, 2017
Television –
Director, Editor – Head Wound
September, 2016 — June, 2017
Short Film – Valenti Productions
Assistant Editor – Social Animals
August, 2016 — March, 2017
Feature – Conscious Minds
Editor – Out of Town
May, 2016 — August, 2016
Short Film – XII Entertainment
Channel Editor – Future World (Youtube Channel)
October, 2015 — April, 2016
Online – Future World
Editor – Buddy Solitaire
August, 2015 — December, 2015
Feature – Kuang Lee
Editor – IWantMyLauren (Youtube Channel)
April, 2015 — December, 2015
Online – Lauren Francesca
Director, Producer, Editor, Writer – Amy
January, 2015 — May, 2015
Short Film –
Editor – Blood Shed (Webseries)
October, 2014 — January, 2015
Online –
Series Editor, DP; Ep. 6 & 8 Director – Interrogation: A Scifi Webseries
May, 2014 — September, 2015
Online – Britain Valenti
Director, Producer, Editor, Writer – When We Knew
April, 2013 — January, 2015
Short Film –
Editor – Word Police
December, 2012 — June, 2013
Short Film –
Editor – Greed
November, 2011 — February, 2012
Short Film –
Editor, DP – Vito Bonafacci
August, 2008 — December, 2008
Feature –

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