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About Us

Light Modifiers has been proudly serving Chicagoland and the Midwest for over 3 years, providing exceptional film and television lighting services with friendly union and non-union professionals. With the business growing just as fast as the Chicago Film Industry, Light Modifiers wanted to help serve our clientele by expanding to a full blown rental house. In 2018, Light Modifiers Rental was born to best support the great filmmakers of the Midwest. Today, Light Modifiers Rental isn't just a rental house nor a lighting company, but a valuable resource for media and entertainment production.

On top of lighting staff and gear rental, Light Modifiers Rental can also help staff the rest of your team. From pre to post production, we can help staff union and non-union professionals on TV/Film/Commercials/Music Videos/New media in all fields.

So whether you're a Chicago-native, or here on assignment, feel free to give us a call or stop by our shop; we'd love to get to know ya.

Have a great shoot!

We have been in the industry since 2015.

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