ManAlive Studios

1121 Harpeth Industrial Ct, Suite 100
Franklin, Tennessee 37064


About Us

ManAlive Studios is a cutting-edge, full-service audio/video professional recording studio facility in Nashville, TN. We are available for facility rental, as well as editing, post-production, color grading, and music production. ManAlive Studios’ 2,000 sq. ft. live space and generous hospitality room is stocked with cool furniture, detail pieces, rugs, and interesting backgrounds, in addition to a full complement of photo and video lighting and a high quality live audio system.

Our grid is perfect for hanging custom designed set and backdrops. Even with a performing band, our space is generous enough to host a full, yet intimate audience. And, of course, we can get it up on the web in real time.

The space is available separate from the audio, lighting, and video packages and individual accessories can be rented a la carte. We also offer multi-day specials to make the most of your budget.

Our space is perfect for:

• Livestream Event Production
• Music Video Production
• Photo and video shoots
• VIP parties
• Album releases
• Showcases
• Praise and Worship Events
• Distance/E-learning
• Webinars for thought leaders, authors, and workshops

We have been in the industry since 2018.

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