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Hi // I'm a DP since 2013 and Cam Op since 2005. I've worked with many different makeup and different product, technology, devices, and food brands for online content and national spots. I own a bunch of cameras, lights, and i have a sweet little insert stage in Culver City, built for product shots or small interviews. And I'm always messing with new lenses, cameras, robots, drones, 3D software.

Right now, I'm looking to expand my circle of creative friends and keep making new pictures.

In 2020, I'm focusing on my collection of commercials and product shots, food, fashion, and table top. And I'll continue working on a select few documentaries or tv and lifestyle work, as the projects come. Each project, no matter the size, is special and I always hope to sorta make a framed piece of artwork, for my collection, if can.

I have been in the industry since 2005.

Drew Lauer : Director of Photography : Commercial Reel
Added on 4/19/2019
Some of my ad work. Running time : 1m10s

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