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I love films - watching them, making them, editing them, analyzing them. I’m a recent Film major graduate of Boston College, with production assistance experience in a professional setting, and significant experience in student film projects both at BC and during my summer sessions as NYU Tisch Film School. My experience in student projects has had me work in most production roles (including pre and post), produce short and full-length screenplays, and do digital and audio editing for film and television.

But I need real world experience to even begin to appreciate what it means to work in the film and television industries and to learn where I should focus my efforts based on abilities and interests. I am trying to experience as much as possible post-graduation to give me those insights, and hope there are people out there willing to give me the chance to work hard for them.

If you hire me, you will get a very dedicated individual, excellent team player, who will look to contribute a positive, can-do attitude on the set. I am extremely reliable, personable and detail oriented. I am proactive, great at multi-tasking and adjust to change easily. I'm a no job too big or small person. As a leader, I'll take the most and hardest work on myself to lead by example. I'm also a great follower and take direction and feedback well. Biggest bonus - I have my own car and so can be flexible with work schedules as can go wherever is needed whenever.

As far as my technical skills:


Most Confidently Skilled and Most Experienced in:

• Post-Production (digital video + audio editing)

Confidently Skilled and Experienced in:

• Camera operation
• Screenwriting
• (Prefer independent writing, but work well in group writing/ writing rooms as well)

Skilled and Experienced in:

• Cinematography (DP)


Confident Mastery of:

• Adobe Premier Pro 2017 (video editing + audio)

Superior Skills with:
• Adobe Photoshop 2017
• Pro tools (all types of audio)


Superior Knowledge of and Proficient Operating Skills with:

• Canon C 100
• Sony FS100
• Canon 7D


Superior Knowledge of and Superior Operating Skills with:

• Canon EOS 70D with (1) 18-55 mm and (1) 55-250 mm lens + shotgun mic


Proficient practical lighting skills involving advanced techniques; plus, resourceful and reliable in creating unconventional lighting solutions for unusual situations - particularly knowledgeable with (but not personally owned):

LED’s (multiple formats)
• Dracast products
• Lowel products
• Aladdin products
• Arri products


Superior knowledge of advanced (PHYSICAL) audio recording techniques with following skills:

Proficient operation of:
• Shotgun mics
• Boom mics
• Lavaliers (wireless/wired)
• Handheld mics (wireless/wired)

BASIC functional knowledge of:
• Advanced studio microphones of all types
• Tascam portable audio recorder (familiar with 4 channel max devices only)


Functional Knowledge of Studio Television Production Operations (procedures and equipment usage)

Proficient Skills in following studio floor positions:
• Floor Manager
• Camera Operator
• Gaffer
• Post Production Editing

Basic Functional Knowledge of following positions in production control room:
• Vision Switcher

Final facts about me :
- I am fluent in Ukrainian
- I was the captain of my high school State's winning fencing team
- I am an Eagle Scout who’s led three week sleepaway camps, with responsibility for over 70 kids and 11 staff
- I won "Mr. Mendham" my senior year at Mendham high school, clinching it in the talent competition with the dance routine from Napolean Dynamite

Now you may think that none of these skills or experiences apply to film or television work, unless you need someone for a film or tv show about swashbuckling, dancing boy scouts, set in Eastern Europe. But they do show you that I am versatile, not afraid to put myself out there, and enjoy having fun. All positive attributes in a work place.

Let me put my skills to work for you.


Production Assistant – Want

Short Film – John A Gallagher

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