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I was the editor of “Starlit”, winner of over twelve awards, including Best Feature at the 2018 New Jersey Film Festival and Best Feature Comedy at the 2018 Queens World Film Festival and the horror narrative, "Central Park Dark", starring Tom Sizemore, recently released and receiving of much praise (http://www.centralparkdark.com/reviews-press).

I recently completed work on "The Skeptical Zone", a 20-minute educational narrative-doc hybrid for middle-schoolers commissioned by the Black Spectrum Theater (Carl Clay) and selected for the 2021 Kiva Berlin Film Festival. I directed, co-wrote and edited it. I'm also putting the finishing touches on "Innate Uprighting" a series of educational videos which I directed and edited about the science of posture.

I'm the editor of the 2017 doc-web series "Gaspari: the New Era" for Generation Iron, editor of the first season of the unscripted competition 60-chapter web series "Whatever it Takes" (staring Grant Cardone) and editor and co-producer of “New York Drag” a feature doc that explored the lives of drag queens and gender-benders.

Additionally, I've cut many corporate promotional and sizzle-reel pitches.

I've been a freelance filmmaker/editor for 16 plus years in the NYC area. I studied film theory as an undergraduate at UMASS , but am largely self-taught. I am facile with many of the latest software tools, notably Adobe Premiere CC (which I cut Starlit in) and FCPX (which I used to cut "Central Park Dark"). I often work remotely from my studio in the East Village of Manhattan. I sometimes have an intern who acts as my assistant editor.

One producer wrote of me:

"My wife and creative partner Christine Daum-Farber produce television segments for German television on science and culture topics. Seth has edited several of our pieces. He is everything you want in an editor - technically proficient, a creative storyteller in his own right, with a fine grasp of timing and rhythm in his editing. Seth is never at a shortage for throwing in great ideas. We have a thriving working relationship with Seth - he is great fun to work with.

Nelson Farber
Sixth Borough Productions
daum-farber.net "

Why not reach out to me at
916 549 2262

I have been in the industry since 2000.

Seth Reuben Jacobson's Editorial Reel
Added on 1/22/2019
Editor of the following: 0:0 - 0:14 Footage used with permission from Nelson Farber-Christine Daum Farber studios 0:14 - 0:21 "Beartooth 15s 1" 0:22 - 0:30 "Ante-Mortem" short narrative 0:30 - 0:40 "Woman on Train" spot for Beartooth 0:40 - 0:48 "Blair Witch" spot for Beartooth 0:48 - 1:03 "Central Park Dark" starring Tom Sizemore 1:03 - 1:09 "Mr. Robot 1" spot for Beartooth 1:09 - 1:20 "Starlit" feature narrative 1:20 - 1:26 "Snoopdog promo" 1:26 - 1:33 "Florence" sizzle reel 1:34 - 1:41 "Sarah Fragoso" sizzle reel 1:41 - 1:48 "Jesmyn Ward" piece Nelson Farber-Christine Daum Farber studios - Aspekte 1:48 - 1:52 . "Mr. Robot 1" spot for Beartooth 1:53 - 2:20 "Gaspari: the New Era" webseries 2:21 - 2:32 "Whatever it Takes" unscripted competition show 2:32 - 2:46 "Mr. Robot 1" spot for Beartooth 2:47 - 2:57 "Zen Parking" short narrative

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