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With a vocal age of 20-40, I'm in the sweet spot for the commercial demographic. As a full-time talent with a smart, contemporary, bright and credible sound, my voice suits a wide variety of projects. I offer quick turnaround, competitive rates, as well as reliable and responsive service making you look good every step of the way.

If this is your first time hiring #voicetalent, I'll put you at ease with my down-to-earth personality, will happily answer questions and make helpful suggestions. If you've hired a #voiceartist a hundred times, I'll delight you with my ability to follow your lead and do the work.

I've got a Goldilocks thing happening - not too young, not too old, not too low and not too high. A touch of vocal texture adds depth and realness. I shine when it comes to taking direction, and have a sixth sense for understanding what it is people want. My keen intuition and gut instincts fuel my #creative process, and I'm ready to take risks to get the read right. I'm happy to self-direct or we can do it live over Skype, Source Connect or phone patch.

Personalized, responsive and reliable service as well as competitive prices. I will ask a handful of clarifying questions at the outset so that we get it right the first time. In most cases, I will turn your project around in 24-hours. Whether you're bringing me a 1-minute or 90-minute script, your job is important to me. I develop long-term relationships with my clients so that we can create great things time and time again.

You can expect top-notch sound quality from my dedicated, personal #studio. The voiceover will be spot-on in attitude, tone, pace and energy - taken right from your direction.

Nancy Wolfson, commercial
Marc Cashman, commercial
J Michael Collins, eLearning
Larry Hudson, commercial and audio editing
Julie Williams, medical narration
Tia Marlier, commercial and corporate narration
Andrew Verner, audiobooks
Roy Yokelson, audio editing

I have been in the industry since 2017.

NatureMade :15, Preroll
Added on 7/2/2019
I've been providing the voiceover for NatureMade's pre-roll for the last year.


Voiceover Talent – NatureMade

Online –

voiceover talent – The Aurora Highlands

Television –

voiceover talent – Bobo's Oat Bars, About Us

Corporate –

voiceover talent – Securitas, Explainer Videos

Corporate –

voiceover talent – Herma Labels, Explainer Videos

Short Film –

voiceover talent – Faunalytics, PSA Tag

Other –

voiceover talent – Synergy TRU Stories, Web Commercial

Online –

voiceover talent – HotShot Software, Explainer Videos

Online –

voiceover talent – Numerica Credit Union

Commercial –

voiceover talent – ProTan eLearning Series

Corporate –

voiceover talent – Daily Look, Radio Commercial

Commercial –

Voiceover Talent – FirstBank of Colorado, Banking for Good

Commercial –

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