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Pro Video Talent is a full service video production and live streaming company. Live Streaming since 2008, Donna Davis has a unique background for live production. Prior to starting her own company, she was a news reporter. So, she is able to help organizations with every step of the process. From thinking through ways to make the event entertaining to help with selecting and platform and insights about promotion and beyond, Donna helps clients with the big picture and helps them make the most of their live events.

Having a background in news, Donna is also well connected with on camera talent and uses top talent in the videos and live stream events if clients have the need for a host or spokesperson. Whether a client needs a spokesperson video, a narrative storytelling video or live streaming, Pro Video Talent has the capabilities to serve clients of all sizes.

Donna also saw the need to collaborate with others in the video community in Atlanta. She created the Atlanta Internet Video Marketing Association in 2008. The group now has more than 600 members.

We have been in the industry since 2007.

Testimonial About A Live Streaming Award Ceremony
Added on 3/31/2021
Keller Williams of the Southeast hired Pro Video Talent to live stream an awards ceremony. This is the testimonial. The live stream was broadcast on youtube.com and on Facebook. We used Zoom to bring in the winning real estate teams from around the southeast. We also showed a PowerPoint and simultaneous on camera shot of the hosts. We switched from various cameras to show each host as a single shot and two shot. We also brought in videos and images during the event.

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