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Achoo Studios is an Atlanta-based production company with experience in commercial, real estate, corporate, live event, legal, biotech, and entertainment industries. They specialize in creating promotional and branding content for social media platforms, Steadicam operating, as well as documentary and experimental filmmaking. Achoo has traveled around the US and overseas for productions, and was a 2018 Knight AmDoc Patron Fund recipient on Kickstarter for their forthcoming documentary IT BE LIKE THAT (SOMETIMES). They have completed work for a range of clients including Adult Swim, The Battery Atlanta, Coca-Cola Roxy, Pollack Shores Real Estate, Mizuno, and SolAmerica Energy. Achoo facilitates all stages of the video production process, including pre-production, creative consultation, storyboarding, scriptwriting, cinematography, lighting, editing, audio mixing, color correction, VFX, and graphics. As filmmakers who are deeply committed to our craft, Achoo engages all creative and technical aspects of storytelling in order to create high-quality productions and video content.

We have been in the industry since 2013.

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