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In 10th-century China, the Dragon Horse appeared as a powerful omen of future success. The Dragon Horse emerged from the mist of the Yellow River carrying a map on his back, ascended to the altar, laid down the map, and returned to the river. Welcome to Dragon Horse.

Dragon Horse Ad Agency is a multi-award-winning industry leader offering customized business consulting and marketing services. Founded in 2015, Dragon Horse Ad Agency was one of the first agencies to identify the necessity and subsequent impact of integrating business strategy with a marketing strategy in a customized solution, DragonONE.

Dragon Horse Ad Agency is not your typical advertising agency. Dragon Horse Ad Agency goes to the depths of your business to understand its culture, its operational dynamics, its positioning, and its “why,” pairing exceptional business acumen with creative expertise producing impactful, engaging brand messaging and experiences. We create the strategies that help drive your business and your brand while creating experiences your customers will identify with and engage.

In today’s highly competitive global business environment, customers and consumers are exposed to a tsunami of branding and messaging, making it incredibly difficult for standalone marketing strategies to succeed. Today’s successful companies demand more from agencies in addition to catchy, high-level marketing campaigns. Today’s successful businesses demand an intricate level of business intelligence from advertising agencies, expecting them to know how their companies and industries function, the dynamics of the competitive landscape, profitability drivers, risks, and how accuracy in execution across platforms can drive long term efficiencies all while remaining nimble and delivering true value.

As Plato said, “Those, who tell stories rule society.” We believe creative stories connect people with experiences and have the ability to create desire and brand loyalty. At Dragon Horse Ad Agency, we identify efficiencies and opportunities in your business, pairing them with omnichannel marketing strategies whereby positioning your business with integrity and for an opportunity.

Dragon Horse Ad Agency, committed to excellence, providing over 60 years of cumulative business and marketing expertise. Dragon Horse Ad Agency provides comprehensive business consulting services and marketing services including, creative conceptualization, branding, media placement, digital media, social media management, SEO, web design, graphic design, copywriting, public relations, video/tv/radio/print production, event management, experiential, and other.

Gulfshore Business Magazine - “Best Ad Agency 2021”
Expertise - “Best Ad Agency 2021”
UpCity - “A Top Digital Agency in the USA 2021”
Aurora Awards - “Grand for Website and Silver for Print Catalog 2021”
Telly Awards – “Best Commercial and Video 2020 & 2021”

Dragon Horse is committed to the vigorous pursuit of exceptional business marketing - Integrity/Excellence/Experience/Execution.

We have been in the industry since 2015.

Dragon Horse Media Introduction
Added on 2/25/2019
Dragon Horse Media Introduction

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