Candle Light and Grip

14-26 28th Ave
Long Island City, New York 11102


About Us

Candle Light and Grip is a rental house which offers G&E equipment to filmmakers. The house offers competitive rates for one ton equipment packages as well as ala carte G&E equipment. We also provide crew services as all the in house employees are working set professionals.

CLG rents state of the art LED units such as Fiilex, Quasar, SkyPanels, Astera, and more. We also house traditional tungsten lamps. We also have specialty items such as the Max Menace Arm, as well as a Briese 180 Focus and 100.

Candle Light & Grip is certified to handle all repairs for Briese, Arri, and Astera units as our in house technician has been certified by the respective companies.
CL&G is the sole Briese repair house in the East Coast.

We have been in the industry since 2018.

Candle Light and Grip
Added on 2/26/2019

CLG is a G&E rental house servicing all your production needs!

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