Samantha Isom

Brooklyn, New York


About Me

Samantha Isom, was Raised by parents documenting every waking moment of her life. She soon followed suit. to ditch out of a math class she was offered to work in a local TV studio where she operated a Beta Cam and did some time in front of the camera as well. During her time as a Music Major and Photography Minor in College, she worked at photos labs, worked on independent films, shot corporate portraits and much more. After shooting for the College's publications, she went on to the commercial markets of Philadelphia, New Orleans, Chicago, Miami, then NYC where she spent some time as a photo assistant & digital tech. In the 90's she shot some 'film' with experimental cameras and (then) new dv cameras. Eventually in 2009 she went back to shooting motion and not shoots 50/50 motion and stills. She is now working around the globe primarily based out of NYC as an image maker in both still photography and motion/film. She released her 2nd short film “Straight as an Arrow” in July 2013. In October of 2012, she published her 1st coffee table book titled “So, What Are You Anyway?”. A Photo essay of mixed race people and their experiences as such. She is working on other personal projects while moving forward in her commercial career.

I have been in the industry since 1990.

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