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Video Producer | Director
Dynamic, achievement-focused professional with a keen eye and exceptional visual storytelling skills. Possesses the exceptional ability to capture the essence of a story, through riveting visual representations, and create compelling stories that speak to target audiences. Demonstrate the power of effective promotions, achieving over 100,000 views and 800 shares through one video campaign that achieved more than 500,000 viewers. Interpret stories to evoke positive responses while shouldering the responsibilities for the financial and creative success of a production.
A true talent for representing the mission, vision and values of the company through intelligent and action-oriented content that tells a story through mood, timing, pacing and visual style. Multiple award-winning Director including Best Movie Award at “La Matatena” the international children film festival in Mexico, honorable mention at MIPCOM festival in Cannes as a nominee for Best Documentary Series and Five-time nominee for the Israel Film and Television Academy Awards. Skillfully utilize technology, tackling both the business end and managing all creative aspects of production.
Areas of Expertise
 Strategic Planning & Analysis
 Photo Compositing
 Rebranding Strategies
 Visual Storytelling
 Brand DNA & Implementation
 Content Creation & Management
 Interpersonal Communications
 Competitive Intelligence
 Visionary Leadership
Professional Experience
Leading the Business Productions – Philadelphia, PA
Founder/CEO/Video Director & Producer (2015 to Present)
Pilot content strategy, reinforcing the client's visual identity and message and creating
high-quality video, social media, marketing and YouTube content for various clients within the real estate, technology and pharmaceutical industries.
Selected Contributions:
 Conceptualized and designed a successful marketing mix, analyzing client needs and developing coherent stories that engage target audiences and deliver quantifiable results.
 Developed an innovative YouTube channel that encompassed educational content and a TV series that established aggressive market traction for Somers Real Estate, acquiring 400+ subscribers and upwards of 500,000 unique views annually.
 Directed the strategic design of marketing campaigns, developing the slogan "We are committed to life" and designing accompanying YouTube informational/educational video for Atrin Pharmaceuticals investment road show. Show was presented at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in January 2018.
 Elevated brand character with the slogan "Just Write. It Feels Right!" for the N-Trig Digital Pen, utilized by Adobe Creative Cloud programs to craft associated image video.

Selected Contributions:
 Worked in various industries, demonstrating the exceptional ability to interpret ideas and stories and producing dramatic performances that are both visually compelling and thought-provoking.

 Exhibited a deep passion for filmmaking, inspiring and motivating teams to produce films that represent the client’s vision.
 Served as the crucial link, facilitating collaboration between the production, technical and creative teams. Leveraged considerable experience in branding strategies, capturing the voice of target markets and creating stories that moved the consumer to action.

Additional Professional Experience:
Israel Broadcasting Authority – Tel Aviv | TV Program Creator, Producer & Director
Conceptualized and produced hours of broadcast programming for the original state broadcasting network, streamlining content and overseeing the format for news programs, sports, mobile TV broadcasting, entertainment and children's programming.
Selected Contributions:
 Piloted the launch of multiple international award-winning documentary series and short films, creating characters and stories that effectively resonated with target audiences.
 Spearheaded concept designs translating these into effective visual storytelling and managing editorial decisions involving the release of information, illustration design and creative direction.
Notable Projects
Corporate Video for N-Trig: Just Write, It Feels Right | Master Key (documentary mini-series) | The Art of Delivering the Message (documentary) | My Younger Elder Brother (documentary) | The Last Jewish Town (documentary) | European Broadcast Union Children’s Documentary Series
Bachelor of Arts, Film and Television Arts, • Tel Aviv University – Tel Aviv
Communications Course, • New York University – New York, NY
Technical Proficiencies:
Advanced Editing Systems: Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut | Video Shooting Equipment: Canon XC10 4K Professional Camcorder | Graphics: Adobe Photoshop | Directing: Multi-camera & Single camera
Lighting: Indoor, Outdoor and Studio | Filming: One-man crew (ENG) and Multi-camera | Editing: Off-line, On-line and mix sound.

Best Movie Award at “La Matatena” the international children film festival in Mexico | Honorable mention at MIPCOM festival in Cannes; nominee for Best Documentary Series Format Award (one of five nominees in the world for the Format “Oscars”) | Honorable mention International Format Award for television documentary series format by the European Broadcast Union (EBU) | Honorable mention at “Danube Prix” festival is Bratislava, Slovakia

I have been in the industry since 2005.

DAN INBAR -CEO Ntrig , testimony , working together with Leading The Business
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DAN INBAR - CEO Ntrig gives testimony, working together with Leading The Business.


Producer and director – THE SOMERS TEAM

December, 2015 — December, 2018

Work with GIL LESNIK

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