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At Rhythm & Hues we believe that the highest quality work is created in an environment where people enjoy working and where people are treated fairly, honestly and with respect. Recognizing the collaborative nature of our medium, our designers actively seek input and advice from others, but ultimately a single individual is responsible for the final design decisions. Our building is designed to bring people together into natural gathering places where chance encounters can stimulate new ideas. Our space itself is a physical counterpoint to the aesthetic problems that our designers are solving. Sunlight and shadow play off intersecting planes and surfaces.

Rhythm & Hues - Siggraph 2010
Added on 8/9/2010

An overview of last twenty three years of Rhythm & Hues with Anjelica Casillas. Anjelica talks about what they are looking for in the demo reels of people who are looking to work at Rhythm & Hues.

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