David Neff

New York, New York


About Me

New Yorker still shooter, history in NC, Rochester and origins in Philly. I Photograph people in a playful, bold style... otherwise whatever style you pay me to do.  Avid cyclist and kind of speedy.  Lover of all things technical, hackerspaces, VCR's, farm machinery.  Love traveling, even more with a camera and a bike...  RIT '90, runs with scissors, plays well with others. No, I'm not the good looking guy in the photo above, that's Ronnie Giles!

Look at my work, tell me I'm great and you want to work with me!

Unless you spec, I'm shooting digital/Canon, happy to do Med. format, cut my teeth on film if you really want to go there. Work on short notice, can travel light and fast or with a grip truck and five assistants.

Super computer literate, love a challenge, need money to buy my kid sneakers.

I have been in the industry since 1997.

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