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Dumpster & trash can rentals, junk removal, waste clean-up, recycling services -- serving productions across the Metro Atlanta area.
Solid Waste and Recycling Services for Music, Television, and Film Production. Durham Disposal provides 3yd (about 5' x 6.5') rolling poly dumpsters that are light weight and easy to move. When looking for service excellence and flexibility, our tag line says it all - "The SERVICE you need, WHEN you need it." We operate 7 days/week and work within your logistical time frames. Running a Green Production? We're happy to customize services to ensure that you meet your green requirements. WE ALSO PROVIDE PRE & POST PRODUCTION SITE CLEAN-UP. Call or email for rates.

Film productions, weddings, parties, and festivals all have one thing in common: trash. Not every location is suitable for a large roll-off dumpster for emptying your smaller waste bins into. Our mini dumpsters take up less space and because they’re on wheels they can be placed in areas that are convenient for your team.

If you require full-service waste management, we’ll provide dumpsters plus staff to keep your grounds clean and your waste bins emptied. We can even sort your recyclables on site, diverting them from the landfill.

We have been in the industry since 2016.

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