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I am a Creative Producer that has a lot of hats on set. Everything from pre-production to post, I got covered. I know budget, scheduling, permits, coordinating, crafty, and even driving trucks.

I have been in the industry since 2018.

No Excuses
Added on 5/31/2019

This was a short music video assembled and choreographed by a small team of interns and carried out to premiere the start-up of Heat Dance Productions. My role took place in helping assemble the crew…


Production Assistant – Cultured

May, 2019 — May, 2019
Television – CNT Productions

Production Assistant/Truck Driver – Thinkin' Thots

May, 2019 — May, 2019
Music Video – CNT Productions

Producer – Screen Actors Thesis

January, 2019 — April, 2019
Short Film – Chapman Productions

Director/Producer – No Excuses

September, 2018 — September, 2018
Music Video – Heat Dance

UPM – A History of You

August, 2018 — April, 2019
Short Film – Chapman Productions

Production Assistant – Veil

January, 2018 — January, 2018
Television – Chapman Productions

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