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I am a Los Angeles-based Director with several independent feature-length films, along with over a hundred shorts to my credit. I bring a breadth of knowledge regarding film-making and working with my actors and production crew that stems from having worked in virtually every role from grip on up. I've been honored by those with whom I work for helping them to bring their best performances and have a deep respect for my team.

While the majority of my films have involved the horror motif, several of my works have been heart-warming dramas along with documentaries and other specialty pieces. I believe that I have good insights into how to express the emotional and "human" side of a story to make it at once both engaging and compelling.

As a director, I bring a certain sense of compassion and understanding to balance the practical needs of a film set against the human needs of everyone involved. Beyond acting as a Director, I am also the co-founder of the independent film production company, SERAPH FILMS.

Awards and Credits listed on my website and on IMDB.

I have been in the industry since 1990.


Director – The Orpheus Protocol

Television –

Director – Carpe Noctem

Feature –

Director – THe Nightmare Gallery

Feature –

Director – Seven Days In Mexico

Feature –

Work with Gene Blalock

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