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Alex is an American Video Director & Marketing Consultant who creates cinematic commercial content for agencies, b2b, smb, entertainers & fortune 500 companies. His services enable your business to overcome competitors, obstacles & to thrive in the market.

I have been in the industry since 2011.

Dallas Cinematographer - Alex Kinter Reel
Added on 7/15/2019
Along with an established set of video production and directing services on offer at Kinter Media, we also provide photography directing services as well. http://bit.ly/director-of-photography Our photography service is highly acclaimed among a number of industry-leading film and events companies – and even among world-famous business gurus and big-screen celebrities. Our photography can aid your marketing campaign, enhance your business’s media, or can be put to more creative uses in production settings. We even offer portrait photography that many household names from the creative arts and business industries have taken advantage of. Learn More: https://alexkinter.com/pages/director-of-photography Reel Directed by Alex Kinter Dallas Cinematographer - Alex Kinter DP Reel 2019 (4K) Director of Photography, Videographer & Cinematographer Services. Call 310-844-1972 or email info@alexkinter.com Follow Alex https://instagram.com/alexjkinter https://facebook.com/alexjkinter https://twitter.com/alexkinter

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