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Whether you are producing a Film or a TV shoot, planning a music festival or organizing a commercial shoot, we can supply all your location catering needs.

Brulee Food Service, was formed specifically to meet the requirements and challenges of the modern-day film and television industry. Our talented crew doesn’t just prepare the best meals fresh daily to order; we also have the skills “know-how” to handle whatever a film production throws our way: last minute changes in logistics, difficult and remote locations, unusually large crews, exacting dietary restrictions, or long work hours in the most stressful environments. For most crew members, though, it’s the variety and tastiness of the food that counts. Our highly skilled chefs fulfill that demand expertly. We’ll serve up 60 different menus: Italian, Caribbean, Japanese, or simply barbecue, our chefs can cook it all. We can cater to any taste and we keep abreast of the latest in culinary trends.

Whatever the event and wherever the location is, we can provide quality catering to suit your needs. We can cater for up to 100-300 people on outside locations and studios. The quality our service has been proven time to time by our successful business and current clientele, we hope you will allow us to bring the same level of professionalism and dedication to you.

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We have been in the industry since 2006.

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