Michael Klein

Houston, Texas


About Me

BOSIET certified - International Photo Assistant / Video Grip / Sound Guy. Basically I’m like a Swiss army knife, capable of handling multiple roles on a small crew. Rig Pass, BOSIET and TWIC certified for working around oil and gas projects, plus TSA Pre Check, passport, Global Entry and Platinum level on United Airlines for easy traveling.

Audio package: Sound Devices 633 field mixer/recorder, Betso smart slate & three Ultrasync One's for timecode, 2 A10 wireless transmitters, Sennheiser MKH 416 and MKH 50 boom mics, Sanken COS11 as well as Sony 44B and 66B lavs. This audio kit is perfect for interviews and small crew documentaries.

I've been fortunate to work with a lot of photographers and a few videographers of various disciplines and caliber. Below is just a brief list of who I have worked with:
Photography: Trish Badger, Gary Barchfeld, Curtis Bean, Robert Beck, Bruce Bennett, GavIn Bond, Steve Brady, Justin Calhoun, Brad Carr, Barry Champagne, Ken Childress, Jason Connel, George Craig, Drew Donovan, Barry Fantich, Thierry des Fontaines, Dom Furore, Salvador Garza, Justin Gollmer, Bob Gomel, Mark Green, Maarten de Groot, Mitchell Hasseth, Michael Hart, Bob Houser, Rachel Hudgins, Jim Hughes, Brent Humphreys, Jill Hunter, Walter Iooss, Atiba Jefferson, Scott Jones, Eric Kayne, Drew Kelly, Scott Kohn, James LaCombe, Paul Ladd, George Lange, Sandy King Lankford, Christian Lantry, Annie Leibovitz, John Lewis, Ben Liebenberg, Jason Lindsey, Nathan Lindstrom, Michael LoBiondo, Hal Lott, Mary Ellen Mark, Steve Marsel, Scott McDonald, Chas McGrath, Gideon Mendel, Shaun Mendiola, Howard Menken, Eric Meola, Ricardo Merendoni, August Miller, Jack Mitchell, Alan Montgomery, Marc Morrison, Audra Oden, Richard Phibbs, Sasha Preziosa, Adrienne Raquel, Mauricio Ramirez, Jesus Reyes, Janice Rubin, Warwick Saint, Chris Salvo, Tom Sanders, Ron Scott, Robert Seale, Chris Shinn, Jim Sims, Michael Scott Sloser, Ralph Smith, Mary Jane Starke, Paul Swen, Tim Tadder, Bob Thomason, Ellis Vener and Frank White.

Video: Gotham Image Works, Image in Action, McNee Productions, MDI Video, Nadji Productions, NFL Films, One More Time Productions, Plaid Pony Productions, Ricardo Merendoni, Video Perspective and Zura Productions.

Audio: Jorge Bernal, BrandTales, Sandy Buller, ESPN, Ground Media. Bob Houser, Nathan Lindstrom, Ricardo Merendoni. NationSwell, No Frames LLC, Plaid Pony Productions, Marc Pretorius, Yesenia Rodriguez, Robert Seale, Tim Tadder, VideoEnvy, 33 Visual, ZapBoomBang Studios and Zura Productions.

In addition to my skills and experience I bring a great attitude and a robust grip kit customized for each project. I can also scout locations, reserve equipment, studios, grip trucks and crew.

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