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VAIdigital Teleprompter Services offers displays of all sizes as well as coaching and years of experience for your project.

We have provided support for corporate, commercial, live events, music videos and church presentations as well as for political events, conventions, television web streaming and web spots.

We can now provide a motorized rise and fall teleprompter system for a great rate! Contact VAI for details or to book!

Like many tools in the world of audio visual staging and live events, the effectiveness of
the teleprompter is largely determined by the professionalism and experience of the operator behind it.
The prompter operator is in close contact with both the production team and the end client -- executives, presenters, politicians, captains of industry; speakers who expect a high standard of service, total focus and attention to the details in the presentation of a speech.
It is important for anyone using a teleprompter to have confidence in the person who rehearses with them, formats, updates and edits their speeches and operates the system during the event.
Likewise, it is important for a production company to have an experienced pair of eyes and ears in rehearsals to bridge the communication gap between the corporate and staging worlds -- in order to help a producer anticipate how, for example, a "minor" change in a speech might require the addition of a microphone, a lighting cue, an audio walk-up sting, one more stool on stage, an extra wireless "pickle", and another glass of water by the lectern.
The teleprompter operator must have the practical show experience to understand how the changes he or she sees -- often before anyone else in the production crew -- will impact other departments... and communicate these to the producer at the earliest moment.
Despite this, many staging companies fill the teleprompter operator position with team members who either lack the skill, the patience, the polish, the knowledge or the appreciation for the impact their work might have on the outcome of an event (and consequently, on a production company's
relationship with a client).
The changing nature of corporate communications means that fewer events -- sales meetings, product launches, award shows, annual general meetings and the like -- are now prepared far enough in advance to afford any kind of learning curve for any member of the production crew -- let alone someone whose role and responsibilities place them in direct and frequent contact with key decision makers.
Events exist now as concepts prior to arrival on site -- but more than ever, scripts are worked on until the very last moment before they are presented. Script changes are made by executives and their assistants with a limited understanding of the chain of responsibility in a production crew, or how adding and removing elements effects the reality of staging a show. We know few writers use the same style -- and when several or many different hands are involved in authoring scripts for the same event, the result is often a confusing and inconsistent mess of stage directions, graphics cues, speaker transitions, video rolls, audio and lighting cues buried between sentences or jammed awkwardly in the middle of paragraphs. Producers, Stage Managers, Camera Directors, Audio, Lighting and Graphics Operators are hard pressed to wade through page after page of a brand new, uncued, unformatted script to get the information they need to perform their roles effectively.
VAIdigital prompting stands up for you!-- factoring in what other teleprompters can't or won't do. Using the one of the industry's leading teleprompting software packages -- MagicScroll® -- VAIdigital prompting offers your clients what they want to see, how they want to see it -- and offers you another weapon in your arsenal to
wrest order out of production chaos.

We have been in the industry since 1982.

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