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Offering a vast fleet of vehicles, from police cars, emergency vehicles, large trucks, muscle cars, period cars, ND cars, to many custom-built vehicles. Picture Car Warehouse houses everything necessary to make vehicle requirements the easiest, most efficient part of any production.

Located in Northridge, CA, Picture Car Warehouse has over 44,000 sq ft of work space, which houses our full range of departments and services, including Rental, Fabrication, Paint, Body, Mechanical, Graphics, Upholstery, Stunts, and Locations. Surrounding the workspace is over two acres, where we stock our inventory of more than 700 vehicles, from police cars and emergency vehicles, to large trucks, muscle cars, and many custom built cars. Our friendly staff and extensive experience combined with our state of the art facilities, and ability to do everything in house, makes Picture Car Warehouse the most complete, efficient, and unbeatable car service in the industry.

Ted Moser, founder and owner of Picture Car Warehouse began his career in Film Production over two decades ago. While working as a Transportation Coordinator, Ted saw the need for a picture car service that could easily and comprehensively provide solutions to the often difficult and time sensitive problems that arise during productions. His answer? Ted created Picture Car Warehouse and brought together a knowledgeable rental department, a skilled body shop, expert upholsterers, talented fabricators, precise graphic designers, and master mechanics all under one roof. He headquartered Picture Car Warehouse in a state of the art facility that has over 44,000 sq ft of workspace.

And the proof is in the extensive resume of cars that Picture Car Warehouse has provided for dozens of motion pictures, commercials, and television shows. Rush Hour 3, Bucket List, Grindhouse, Taxi, The Runaways, The Town, Faster, Vampire Diaries, Sons of Anarchy, Entourage, Allstate, and Chevrolet to name but a few.

“2 Fast 2 Furious,” one of Ted’s first movies, was one of the biggest picture car movies ever made. With a vehicle budget of over $7 million, “2 Fast 2 Furious” required 188 vehicles to be built in-house, and he delivered all the cars on time and under budget.

Happy customers and repeat clientele have proven that Ted’s vision for a perfect picture car service has come to life at Picture Car Warehouse.

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