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About Us

Hidden Woods Media is an award-winning video production company focused on creating compelling content to make your brand sing. With clients from Ram Trucks to Lululemon, we take our years of experience to create visual storytelling that fits each brand we work with. We specialize in commercial content, film for small businesses, and promotional content of all shapes and sizes.

We make you laugh, make you cry, make you remember the metallic taste of cool water straight from the hose on a summer day. Take off your headphones and look around. This is our world. We are Hidden Woods. Come make some magic.

We shoot proudly on RED digital cinema cameras and have comprehensive drone packages for aerial content.

Creative Development
Post-Production and Editing
4K Video
Aerial Cinematography
Director of Photography

Contact us and let's discuss how we can make your project come to life.

We have been in the industry since 2014.

2019 Demo Reel
Added on 8/12/2019
Our 2019 demo reel, featuring images from clients across the globe.

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