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Location Scout / Manager with an extensive production background and knowledge of filming locations across the state of Georgia. Whether your production calls for a school, prison, farm, government building, courtroom, hospital, abandoned mill, green screen studio, antebellum mansion, small town, or riverbank, I can find the location that fits your needs. Extensive knowledge and resources to find your location in film-friendly Georgia and South Carolina. Willing to travel to get the job done!


Member of LMGI (Location Managers Guild International).

Location Management for 5 feature films, budgets range from $400k to $150 Million.
-Budgeting salaries, security, and location fees
-Work with Producers and proper owners to generate budget-friendly contracts for locations
-Excellent track record for community relations with neighborhoods, business owners, law enforcement, and city administration (government locations, ITC)
-Experience planning company moves and landing production company vehicles.
-Managed locations team of 7 staff.

Have my own truck, willing to travel. Have worked and managed departments for ultra-low films up to tier 4, never over budget.

I have family throughout the South East, Ohio, and NYC, even London, and Northern UK. I can “work as a local” in many places.

When sharing why I love working in Locations, I share, “even if an ask is outrageous, it is locations team that finds the solution.” I worked under this mantra before the COVID-19 Pandemic and have taken several courses in COVID Compliance for the film industry. Certificates available upon request.

I will handle all of the preparations necessary to ensure a smooth shoot, be the champion for the protection of the location from costly damages, and save the production money by negotiating each detail. Keeping your project under budget and delivering quick results are just a few points my references will share.

Exceptional references are available upon request.

I have been in the industry since 2017.


Location Management – Illumagear

December, 2019 — January, 2020
Corporate – Soteria Productions

Assistant Location Manager – The Royal

October, 2019 — November, 2019
Feature –

Assistant Location Manager – The Suicide Squad

September, 2019 — September, 2019
Feature – S&K Pictures, Inc

Location Scout, Location Manager – Feral State

July, 2019 — August, 2019
Feature –

Location Manager – One Heart

June, 2019 — June, 2019
Feature –

Location Manager – The Coven

May, 2019 — June, 2019
Feature –

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