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New Orleans, Louisiana


About Us

Full Service Video Production in New Orleans, LA.
Jenna and Lee took a trip to Nicaragua in the spring of 2012, which would lead to their first filmmaking collaboration together and the beginning of Calm Dog Productions.
Since then, they have married, had a baby, and have continued on as a full service mom and pop video shop, lovingly collaborating with companies big and small, to create something meaningful for you and your viewers.
Calm Dog collaborates with you and your Team to make creative, meaningful video content that best represents your Brand and engages and inspires viewership across all platforms.
We provide all equipment and crew necessary for a small to medium size production with additional vendors available to us when we need to go BIG.
We handle all your editing and visual effects needs, keeping your project in house from start to finish.

*Our unique set up as a family-run production company sees to it that we are able to execute projects from beginning to end ensuring a consistency of quality and more streamlined workflow.

We have been in the industry since 2008.

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