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Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Jon has been involved in sound mixing & post audio production for nearly a decade and a composer for much longer. He studied film & composition in Albany, NY he to his engineering roles in both New York & Rhode Island.

Since moving to Minnesota, Jon has been behind an ample amount of advertisements for Radio, Internet Ads, VR, and national TV. He and his sound department won Best Sound Design in Z-Fest 2019 for "Frostbite".

I have been in the industry since 2016.

Explore MN, Find Your True North (Trying New Things)
Added on 10/5/2019
True North is a state of mind. It’s filled with a sense of adventure, culture and curiosity. It isn’t a direction or place on the map; it's individual moments of awe that lead to self-discovery through destinations and the journey between them. Minnesota invites you to discover something new in the world and within yourself. No matter which route you take, they can all lead to your True North. Featuring "Be Wild" by Chris Koza Voice over talent by Kabir Singh Trying New Things Location List: Kerfoot Canopy Tour, Henderson Minneopa State Park, Mankato Mounds Road, Blue Mounds State Park Prairie and Bison Tour, Luverne Tipi, Blue Mounds State Park, Luverne Plan your Minnesota vacation at exploreminnesota.com


Production Sound Mixer, Boom Op – Trystar

July, 2019 — July, 2019
Commercial – CL Reps, Trystar

Rerecording Mixer, Supervising Sound Editor – Urine My Space

March, 2019 — August, 2019
Short Film – Max Kilsdonk

Assistant Production Sound Mixer (to Luke Harper) – Splash Theme Song Contest

March, 2019 — March, 2019
Commercial – FMP, G & A

Sound Designer – Frostbite

February, 2019 — March, 2019
Short Film – Andrew Hunt, & IPR Studios

Assistant Sound Editor (to Luke Harper) – Explore Your True North (Trying New Things)

November, 2018 — December, 2018
Commercial – CL Reps, Explore MN

Production Sound Mixer, Supervising Sound Editor – The Summoning

October, 2018 — November, 2018
Short Film – Overtain Productions, Pat Delany

Audio Recordist, Sound Editor – Pilot

September, 2018 — January, 2019
Other – For Thirty Pieces of Silver

Boom Operator, Sound Mixer – The Outlaw

August, 2017 — September, 2017
Short Film – Out of Time Productions, Rob Levinson

(Audio-book) Audio Engineer, Sound Editor – Real Estate On Your Terms

June, 2017 — January, 2018
Other – Chris Prefontaine, True Music Studios, & ACX

Boom Op, Production Sound Mixer – Taste Testing

April, 2017 — June, 2017
Short Film – Little Blondie Films, Jeremy Fink

All Sales Are Made When They Run To Get Away – Boom Operator, Sound Mixer

May, 2016 — June, 2016
Short Film – Mongolian Horde FIlms, Micah Khan

Boom Op – The New Face of Anti-Smoking

August, 2015 — September, 2015
Short Film – GLG Productions

Boom Operator – The Breakup Boys

July, 2015 — August, 2015
Short Film – Mongolian Horde Films, Micah Khan

Film Composer – Chasing Embers

April, 2015 — May, 2015
Short Film – Kewan Harrison, Kewan Harrison Films, Union College

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