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About Us

Award-winning, full-service production company with a small footprint. We take pride in our ability to efficiently meet the demands of almost any production, large, medium, or small. Our portfolio shows that our signature quality and style is always present, whether our clients are Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized enterprises, or family-owned and operated businesses. We specialize in producing high-quality and cinematic documentaries, branded content, corporate videos, narrative film, and commercials for cable television.

What We Do

Beautiful cinematography and compelling, bespoke storytelling are more than just a product of cutting-edge cameras and clever editing. The digital artists at Northwoods Revolution have spent over a decade each honing their skills with a very low tolerance for “good enough.” Getting granular at every level of the process is necessary when we are entrusted with a brand’s image and message, and it’s a process we both love and take very seriously. We draw on our training and experience in both Hollywood- and documentary-style production techniques to tackle any sort of production scenario, from greenscreen studios and corporate campuses to back-country mountains and California surf.

Being a modern, agile production company means being responsive and adaptable at every stage of our service experience. Our producers, editors, and account executives are the conductive layer between your vision and our robust pre- through post-production pipeline. Every project brings the possibility of unique design challenges. We use a highly-scalable approach that allows us to budget accurately for projects of nearly any size. Whether it is done entirely by our in-house core team, or with supplemental freelancers from our heavily-vetted roster, Northwoods producers have the savvy and resources to make any project a reality in a complete one-stop shop.

The landscapes of digital video technology and corporate branding are constantly changing. At Northwoods Revolution, we embrace new advertising platforms, technology, and branding trends to make sure your video has the most effective impact and reach while fashionably standing out from the herd. Characterized by camera movements, lighting, sound design, and editing techniques evocative of multi-million-dollar Hollywood productions, our style gives your video a visual and auditory quality that is timeless. In post-production, we work closely with you to ensure your video is compelling, fresh, and on-brand.

Who We Serve

Northwoods Revolution serves a wide variety of clients in a wide variety of capacities. See the short-form documentary we did for New York-based jewelry company Vahan’s 50th Anniversary campaign, or the flagship video for the global supplement leader Optimum Nutrition’s flagship product Gold Standard 100% Whey. We have worked closely with legendary textbook publisher McGraw-Hill to re-envision and produce both internal and consumer-facing video content across social media, internal sales training, student coursework, and annual company conferences.

Businesses Big and Small

Whether you are a small business looking to define your products or services, or an enterprise-level corporation looking for high-volume content creation, we can scale to meet your demands with our signature foundation of quality. We specialize in delivering quality

Corporate videos
Training videos
Industrial videos
Branded documentaries
Social media content
Broadcast commercials

The nature of our work means we are exposed to many different industries with many different branding needs. We are always ready to educate ourselves on new opportunities, and have extensive experience working with individuals, marketing teams, and other film crews in the following industries:

Hotels/Real Estate

We are happy to fulfill one-time orders or set up on-going, retainer-based service packages for any volume of work.

Feature Film, Documentary, and Commercial Crews

Our core team is comprised of cinematographers, editors, and producers, and can make a small team to fill your production’s camera, DIT, and editing teams. If needed, our producers can pull in full G&E teams, visual effects companies, and locations. We are familiar with productions of all sizes and budgets, and all of our crew and associates are non-union.

Advertising, Marketing, and PR Firms

We are happy to serve firms from all over the world as a local, regional, national, or international vendor. Put your creative vision at the helm of our efficient production machine, and we will make your scripts a reality. We can collaborate on on every step of the process, from pre to post, or jump in to facilitate a production at any one step.

We have been in the industry since 2009.

Northwoods Revolution 2019 Reel
Added on 11/13/2019
A showcase of our best work up through 2019.

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