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San Francisco, California


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Emmy award-winning visual storyteller. Owner Red Epic Dragon 6K package. Motion controlled time-lapse and high-speed cameras. Commercial and documentary productions. Established producer, director, DP, cinematographer, and editor. Deliverables for all markets including the web, TV, and IMAX. Clients include The North Face, NIKE, Audi, Volkswagen, Phillips TV, Mitsubishi, NHK, BBC, HBO, and more.

I have been in the industry since 1994.

Brad Kremer Cinematographer Reel
Added on 11/13/2019
I have spent my career working with all levels of cameras and techniques. I am a Red Epic Dragon 6K owner/operator. But I have worked extensively with many other camera formats from large to small. I have been a certified Phantom Flex technician for over 10 years where I like to explore the use of ultra high speed footage to help show a world that is hidden to the natural eye. Juxtaposing the high speed formats I have also been a long time explorer of the art of time-lapse and have been utilizing the technique to speed up the natural world for well over a decade. My film-making career has always been based on creating visually striking images that tell a compelling story. Every situation, every creative, requires a different approach and style to deliver the most effective outcome. My desire has always been to juxtapose the big picture with the details and to capture the story within every image. This desire is continued in my editing process where thoughtful order and timing combined with a powerful soundtrack and sound design makes the visuals come to life in an emotional fashion.

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