Olympic Studios

1050 W Nickerson St
Seattle, Washington 98119


About Us

Olympic Studios today operates a full-service video production, film, and photography studio featuring a large (47′ x 35′) Cyc wall and industry-leading equipment rentals in-house. Consisting of Studio A, Studio B and a Podcast / Voiceover room, the facilities cater well to film, movie, TV, and creative agencies. The dynamic space and added amenities also make it a great place to host a product demo, event, script reading, or screening. Unlike many other studios, we offer full-service docking capabilities with access to forklifts, man lifts and extra hands in case your project demands personalized assistance.

If you’re traveling to Seattle for work, Olympic Studios is your ticket to a state of the art studio with professional crew, well-maintained equipment rentals, local catering services conveniently situated close to downtown Seattle. You can rest assured that both your creative team and clients will be comfortable and impressed with your studio booking!

We have been in the industry since 2018.

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