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Bilingual B-Roll video producer / WW2 historian / film archivist with over 60,000 never-before-seen images and artifacts from WW2 that I make available to documentary producers, art directors, and production companies. I use them to create and provide B roll with and for your project. Possibly one of the most unique niche services of its kind.

We have been in the industry since 2009.

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These are examples of the rare imagery of WW2 that are in my vast archive of vintage photos, taken by the actual German soldiers, residents, and support staff of the German military before and during World War 2. I provide them for use in documentaries, films, short films, music videos, etc. Besides my over 8,000 photographs, I have hundreds of German film press books, military manuals, trade magazines published by German arms dealers of the time, maps, and miscellaneous items not seen in a lifetime (outrageous ads, diagrams, and the like). They took photos that they were not supposed to take... of each other, of places, of sometimes embarrassing behavior, but many were prudent enough to leave descriptions and dates on the back of these for future historians to ponder .... The image you see is generally a fourth of what the full photo shows. How much of an image you show in your production using my photos is up to you. As a proud American of German descent, I knew little of the war, but I began collecting these and what I found was quite unusual and unexpected, though not as scandalous as some might imagine. I do not support the ideology that the Reich expounded. My archive is a forensic way of examining what went on in the minds of individuals who were there. Few images have been available to documentary producers on this niche, so I have decided to be the place to go for the war images no one else has in their production.
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