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Costa Mesa, California

About Us

Sound Signature LLC is an audio production company based out of Southern California and focuses on the creation and production of quality audio.
From audio recordings to post production sound mixing, we here at Sound Signature LLC make it a point to deliver your message in a sonically clean and clear way.

*Marcellus and Adrienne Wesley are the owners of Sound Signature LLC and both run this page*

Sound has always sparked an interest in us. We love anything that involves the production of music, sounds, ambiences and storytelling which is why we decided to pursue our dreams and build our audio production company. We've had many successful shows as live sound engineers, corporate and entertainment, and we've also edited, mixed and sound designed on wonderful video productions ranging from animated commercials to war documentaries.
We've worked in the best of both worlds in the audio industry: Live and Production sound and we have come here to pursue more wonderful opportunities and collaborate with other creatives in the production industry.

We have been in the industry since 2018.

Sound Reel
Added on 1/14/2020
A compilation of projects we worked on as sound designers, sound mixers and multitrack mixers. The projects range from Animations to Documentaries to live music concerts.

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