Jordan Laws

New York, New York

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The truth is, almost any monkey can press a button and edit so it' s going to come down to one thing...Chemistry

A vibe is what will help us tolerate each other during long late nights of caffeine induced creative session where the client wants to change the music after we have already gone to color.
I'm THAT guy who will be cool with you, make it through and then we can grab a fine Japanese whiskey and talk shop.

I do have a Grammy and a Cleo Award award, but it's just a conversation piece.

I have a rhythmic style of editing people generally gravitate towards. It is all about pace. I also have a background in music so programing and editing sound is like second nature to me.

I'm well traveled and those connects with people and cultures allow me to be a chameleon in my edits and adapt it to whatever project.

I love to cook as well and I feel the best way to bond with someone is to cook a meal where they are from. I try to build communities and relations.

Give me a call or text and I'm sure within the first 5 minutes we will both know if we like each other to work together.

Khols Cash Commercial
Added on 2/14/2020
Seamless 1 take with a cinewhoop drone edit

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