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Mountain Mind Media is an Alaska-based media company offering complete video production services. We specialize in directing, aerial cinematography, freelance camera operation, and working in wild and remote corners of Alaska with our high-end production equipment including RED cameras, Zeiss lens kits, and more.

We have extensive experience in producing, directing, filming, and editing a variety of video styles. We have worked in every genre of video production, from educational series to commercial videos and advertisements, to documentaries, TV, and feature films. As pilots, boaters, skiers, and fishermen, we know the very best filming locations throughout Alaska.

We are proud to own high-end production equipment to help provide the most value to our clients in the most cost-effective manner. Our top-of-the-line RED, Canon, and Panasonic cameras serve almost every situation you can imagine. We also own high-end Zeiss lenses, LED lighting kits, professional audio recording equipment, motorized sliders, and gimbals. We also own two small aircraft - "bushplanes" - the primary mode of transportation in Alaska and a key to accessing the most spectacular locations in the state.

Mountain Mind also specializes in aerial/drone cinematography. We primarily operate with a DJI Inspire 2 recording RAW/ProRes in order to stay light and get to remote locations in Alaska via small planes. But, we also specialize in heavy lift drones and are ready to capture Alaska with the best equipment available - the Freely Alta X with RED Raptor 8K VV. We can also organize helicopters with GSS/Shotover rigs. Plus, we have a custom system to film with gimbal-stabilized rigs mounted to our fixed-wing aircraft for an economical and versatile solution to aerial filming that goes far beyond drones, yet costs a fraction of helicopters.

We have been in the industry since 2011.

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