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ON A TYPICAL DAY, you will find me one part technical guru and one part hyper collaborator. ON SET, I'm a cinematographer, camera operator and photographer whose prime directive is to make my client look amazing. IN POST, my visual aesthetic, ear for music and instinct for storytelling, seamlessly converge to make ad campaigns, movie trailers, mini-docs, music videos and sizzle reels that tell your story, engage your audience or strengthen your brand.

IF YOU ARE an agency with an idea, producer with a project, director with a vision, writer with a script, model with a look, musician with a song or an artist with a soul, I want to hear from you- especially if…

YOU ARE A LEFT-BRAIN MATH FETISHIST, and you require assurances that my equipment, workflow and project management are in lock-step with my industry’s best practices and highest production values. Say no more, I totally get it. Let’s grab a double espresso so we can geek out on image sensor technology, anecdotal near-misses and all things cutting-edge. At the end of our meeting, we’ll have identified potential risks in your project that we’ll mitigate with well-placed redundancies and good old-fashioned logical thinking, to which I am a master practitioner.

Or, on the other hand…

YOU ARE A RIGHT-BRAINED CREATIVE, and nothing is more boring to you than image sensor technology, to which your eyes have already begun to roll and your focus has shifted to wondering what you feel like eating for lunch. Say no more, I totally get it. Let’s grab a cup of herbal tea so we can bliss out on creative consciousness, high-concept vs. low-brow, and the glaring similarities between a successful ad campaign and a true work of art. At the end of our meeting we’ll have compiled a set of ideas listed in order of brilliance, and construct a plan to ensure that when it’s all done, whatever we create will be a thing to be amazed by, to which I am a master practitioner.

-Keith DeCristo

I have been in the industry since 2004.

Added on 3/6/2020
The new single from Freestyle Musical Artist "SHY". "Freedom" is a semi-autobiographical story about SHY's experience is the U.S. military where he received two purple hearts for a tour in Afghanistan, and another in Iraq. Shot on the new Sony FX-9 using Sony G-series glass.


Director/DP – FREEDOM - by the artist SHY

February, 2020 — February, 2020
Music Video – SHY - Musical Artist
Hired through ProductionHUB

Portrait Photographer(featured) – DRAGNIFICENT

January, 2020 — January, 2020
Television – ALKEMY-X

Director of Photography – ALLURE Beauty Box E05-E06

December, 2019 — December, 2019
Online – Conde Nast

Producer-Editor – SST: Stadium Super Trucks(sizzle-promo)

November, 2019 — November, 2019
Commercial – myCinema

Gaffer – DESUS & MERO E127

October, 2019 — October, 2019
Television – Showtime

Editor – Official Theatrical Trailer - "ZEROVILLE"(2019)

May, 2019 — October, 2019
Other – myCinema

Editor – Legend of the Demon Cat(U.S. Trailer)

November, 2018 — December, 2018
Commercial – myCinema

PHOTOGRAPHER – ELLE UK - Beauty: This is how we do it

May, 2012 — May, 2012
Other –

Writer-Director-DP – Teresa Giudice demystifies Nephrotic Syndrome(PSA)

January, 2012 — February, 2012
Commercial – The Nephcure Foundation


Keith is a mad scientist! He's amazingly talented and a pleasure to work with. He shot some of the most beautiful footage for my rock musical/film I've seen and was lighting quick, saving us a lot of time and money. I'd recommend him for anyone looking for amazing footage and brilliant ideas.

Brandon Beckner
Writer/Composer/Producer, Parrot Poet Productions

Keith has worked on a few projects for me and the charitable organization I was managing at the time. He created, directed and produced 2-3 videos. One was a documentary which told the story about a tough rare disease through the eyes and faces of patients and their families. Wonderful, moving and motivating piece. The others were public service spots which ran on network television. Keith is excellent with people, knows how to direct and getting the participants to show the emotion needed to generate viewer attention. He is a good listener, collaborator and works well with clients. He can write, direct, film/record and edit. I endorse his work ethic and he cares. I would re-hire Keith in a second.

Henry Brehm
Managing Director, Vizion Group

I've worked with Keith for more than 10 years on several projects across many different industry verticals. Keith is a one-stop shop. He directs, shoots, films, edits, and writes. Medium, location, and subject are not an issue. This goes for video shooting and editing as well. Keith is a great collaborator, especially when it comes to flushing out existing ideas. He is also amazing at coming up with his own concepts, presenting them to the client, and getting them to sign off on them. He produced all of the trailers for our current list of feature films.

Naomi Cooper
Director of Marketing, Cooper.Media

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