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Caleb is adept at overseeing a project from beginning to end. He is experienced in producing, concept creation, writing, acting, shooting, interviewing, editing, and directing. He shot for large events like Samsung Unpacked, Samsung Developer's Conference, and QuickBooks Connect in San Jose. He is comfortable shooting interviews and is quickly able to set up a well lit, two camera set up with audio. Caleb is able to walk into any environment and quickly figure out the best way to shoot it in order to deliver a professional, clean video.

Caleb loves working with crews both large and small. He's easy going, quick to share a laugh, and eager to help out. Like many, he started off as production assistant on large commercial sets for brands like Budweiser, Volkswagen, and Ford. These experiences stuck with him and no matter his role on set he's quick to take initiative and help out where needed. He's able to pack light or go big and has a network of people to reach out to in order to bring together whatever team is necessary for the job.

Caleb is confident in working with clients over the phone and in person to understand what they need and deliver it on time and in budget.

Caleb is familiar with a wide range of cameras including, Canon (5D), Panasonic (GH4, GH5), Sony (a7 series), and Blackmagic (pocket cinema cameras).

Caleb is a strong member of any team, and brings a positive and professional attitude to any project.

I have been in the industry since 2017.

Miracle on 34th St. Teaser
Added on 2/21/2020
This is a teaser for Miracle on 34th St. on stage at A.D. Players at the George Theater in Houston, Texas

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