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Chelsea Pictures We are: Producers, Directors, Innovators, and Free Thinkers with Integrity, Grit and No B.S.

We are not afraid to take risks. To reinvent ourselves. To be bold. It’s made us a bit of an outlier, and for that we are proud. We were one of the first to bring film directors into advertising. We’re known for our director management and introduced David Gordon Green, Lauren Greenfield, Alex Gibney and Nadav Kander to the commercial world. They’ve gone on to redefine it. We’ve been behind some of the most memorable genre-bending campaigns including Sega “Beta- 7”, Audi “The Heist”, Chrysler “Halftime in America”, and “#Likeagirl”.

We don’t accept the status quo. We’d rather pave our own way than wait for someone else to do it for us. We’ve won awards but we choose to measure our success by how many of our clients keep coming back. We’ve been around for years but you’ll never find us standing still.

We are owned and managed by Lisa Mehling and committed to our ideals of integrity, grit and no BS.

We are Chelsea.

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