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Vlad is a young and talented Video Producer, DP and Camera Operator from San Francisco, CA. He is highly experienced shooting both narrative and interview videos. Vlad started his career in 2015 as a videographer for a local video production company. Driven by his passion to creating captivating videos, he mastered his skills and knowledge in videography and video production with help of YouTube lessons and online courses. Vlad has produced 100+ corporate and commercial videos since the start of his career.

Vlad always uses the latest technology in video production. He is a big fan of Sony Alpha cameras. He owns Sony a6500, a7iii & a7siii cameras, which gives him tremendous flexibility on any project. Vlad is also keen on using his Elderkrone Motion Control Kit, Crane 2 Gimbal Stabilizer, Aputure lights, and Mavic 2 Pro Quadcopter.

Vlad's services include creative direction, cinematography & videography, photography, live streaming and video editing. He is available for any domestic projects.

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We have been in the industry since 2016.

LV Productions - 2020 Reel
Added on 10/18/2020
LV Productions is a video production company ran by Vlad Lapich.


As a global creative agency we always try to get the highest quality video content for our clients. Thus Vlad is one of our favorite DPs in the Bay Area. He is an artist of video craftsmanship. He also has a deep understanding of the whole production process, as he is a producer himself. So everyone from our directors to editors and VFX artists love Vlad’s work, as he approaches each project while keeping every production stage in mind.
Vlad is the go to DP thanks to his creativity, high level of craft knowledge, organisation and communication skills.

Alex Borichev
Producer, SLON Creative

Vlad is a trully amazing DP and CameraOp. I hired him for 10+ projects where we needed to produce commercial videos for our startup. His videos always look stunning. He is the best CaperaOp you can hire for any corporate or commercial video project.

Marketing Director, Livestream

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