Travis Devin

Brooklyn, New York

About Me

Production Sound Mixer for Film, Television, and other Visual/Auditory Media. 10+ years experience recording production dialogue.

The technologies that we use to make films and visual media along with their respective production environments are constantly evolving. I constantly adapt to these environments and strive to find solutions to record excellent production dialogue in any scenario. Complicated multi-camera shoot? I’ll communicate effectively with your lighting and camera departments so I can get my microphones in the best positions. Shooting in an unpredictable remote location? I have experience working my equipment in a variety of different environmental conditions ranging from hot and humid to cold and windy.

Additionally, my experience on set carries over to my post-production work. My familiarity with the techniques used to record production dialogue allows me to edit dialogue quickly and effectively. When creating a final mix or sound design for your film, I call on my years of listening experience and background as a composer to create a layered soundscape that compliments the written and visual storytelling language of your project.

Recording production dialogue and telling a story with sound is never the same twice! There is always a new problem and I am passionate about offering professional solutions that work for your production.

I look forward to working with you and your team.

I have been in the industry since 2009.


Production Sound Mixer/ Supervising Sound Editor – Half-Life (Pilot)

Television – NYC MOME

Production Sound Mixer/ Supervising Sound Editor – Eating It

Online – Brian Park

Production Sound Mixer – Bodymore

Short Film – Darren Mallet

Production Sound Mixer – Rehab Cabin

Feature – Kate Beacom

Production Sound Mixer – Vinyl Nation

Feature –

Re-Recording Mixer/ Supervising Sound Editior – Drum Dance

Short Film – Elise Shin

Re-Recording Mixer/ Sound Designer – The Letter

Short Film – Alex Cohen

Production Sound Mixer – Bob & Dale

Short Film – David Rosfeld

Production Sound Mixer – Rehab Cabin

Feature – Kate Beacom

Production Sound Mixer/ Sound Designer/ Re-recording Mixer – Salty Pirate

Feature – Charles Haine

Production Sound Mixer/ Re- Recording Mixer – Good News

Short Film – Joe Stankus

Re-Recording Mixer/ Sound Designer – Hungry is the Devil

Short Film – Lauren Fondren

Production Sound Mixer / Supervising Sound Editor/ Composer – Rosa's Esperanza

Short Film – Amanda Reyes

Production Sound Mixer – Hallmark EPK

Commercial – Hallmark Channel

Supervising Sound Editor/ Re-Recording Mixer – I'll See You Around

Feature – One Love Picture Classics

Re-Recording Mixer/ Sound Designer – Insight

Short Film –

Production Sound Mixer – Maturity (Pilot)

Television – NYC MOME

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