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About Us

* ENG Video Photographer, News or Long form Documentary, Corporate, Commerical _____
*Teleprompter owner & operator, On-Camera, Presidential Glass, Stage Wedge Cabinants_________
* Live Stream owner & operator, multi-camera, LiveU, Vmix, PTZ Cams, On-Site Hyper Record Decks | Full list of gear below

Years of experience in Texas and the west coast working in local news, magazine shows, since 1992 including a stint with E! Entertainment TV .
Serving San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, Laredo

*Panasonic GH4 HD 4K Cinema Camera
*MOBILE Edit suite - Adobe Premiere Pro
Laptop on-the-go

* ENG package:
Panasonic AG-CX350 4K ENG Camcorder
* Excellent low-light capabilities
* Great IOS
* Sennheiser MKE 600 Shotgun Microphone
* HEVC codec
* Up to 400MB 1920X1080
* Up t0 200MB 4K @ 60fps
* 120fps Slow-Mo

SONY UWPV6/4244 Lav w/Bodypacks
Sanken COS-11D Omni micro Lavalier Mic with hide-a-mic accessories
SONY UWP plug-on transmitter cube
Shure RE50 handheld mic
Audio Technica Cardioid Lavaliere Mic
Lecturn/stage mount microphones also known as
boundary microphones


Shoulder camera rig

Fotodiox 18″ flapjack, round ultra-thin bicolor dimmable studio edge light
Various other kit lights

Translucent IFB earpiece for audio/talkback

(2) C-stands, several Mathews studio and light stands
Misc. Grip, apple boxes, sandbags, gaff tape, cable ramps etc.

(2) 7" HD Field Monitors
(1) 19" Field Monitor

6ft Camera slider and 12 ft dolly tracks

Blue/Green screen flex pop-outs
Muslin backdrops

Portable on-the-go editing suite (Adobe Premiere Pro)

LiveU Solo deck for bonded cellular transmission/feeds

On camera teleprompter

Presidential style teleprompter

PTZ HD cameras, Live Stream equipment, switchers etc

* Live STREAM package
Multi-camera Live Switching
We use HD PTZ cameras
Local on-site HD digital record decks

* Teleprompters
(2) on-camera prompter rigs, 15" screens,
hardline High bright screens (1000 nits)
(1) 10" screen and prompter rig
Hardline or wireless (iPad)

(2) Presidential Teleprompter systems

(2) On-stage wedge Teleprompters encased in speaker cabinets
Visit the website for images and more information

We also can produce your music videos or webcast your band's concerts with bonded cellular Live Streaming.
We also offer secure methods of webcasting to prevent unauthorized password sharing and protect your sensitive content.

We can also utilize our HD Multi-Camera PTZ cameras for LIVE events or for those productions that demand multiple angles and Live Switching.
Let us plug into your virtual meetings, webcast, concert or whatever your LIVE event entails.

We also provide Teleprompter services for keynote speakers using our Presidential Teleprompters.
(2) 48" Downstage confidence monitors (DSMs)
Plus on-camera mounted (see through the glass) teleprompters for field TV and movie productions.
On stage wedge cabinet teleprompters that appear as speaker monitors to the audience.

We have been in the industry since 1992.

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