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C. Ryan Stemple CSI is a film & tv colorist based in Chicago, IL, and owner of Quicksilver Color. He specializes in indie film & series, branded content, eating breakfast burritos and shouting about how beautiful Kodak 5219 is. He has graded films and shows for Kartemquin Films, BET, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, Lifetime, Voltage Pictures, MarVista Entertainment, OTV, NPR, Chicago Media Angels, Gravitas Ventures, Fatal Funnel Films and many others, and has colored campaigns for Walmart, 3M, NPR, Kashi, YMCA, Groupon and more.

He's short, loud, has a three-legged cat, and would be jazzed as hell to help make your movie look so good, people will say, “Wow! This looks so good!”


I have been in the industry since 2012.


DI Colorist – Finding Yingying
Feature – Kartemquin Films
DI Colorist – Becoming
Feature – Gravitas Ventures
Colorist – "Deep Dream" by STRFKR
Music Video – Aidan Brezonick
DI Colorist – Triumph
Feature – Digital Ignition Entertainment
DI Colorist – Range Runners
Feature – Fatal Funnel Films
DI Colorist – Holiday Heist
Feature – BET & MarVista Entertainment
DI Colorist – The Gate: Dawn of the Baha'i Faith
Feature – Media Process Group
DI Colorist – Disturbing the Peace
Feature – Voltage Films & Momentum Films
DI Colorist – Friend Request
Feature – BET & MarVista Entertainment
DI Colorist – EmBlem
Short Film – Eddie Letamendi
Colorist – The Silent Natural
Feature – David Risotto
Dailies Color Supervisor – The Red Line
Television – CBS
Dailies Color Supervisor – Proven Innocent
Television – FOX TV
Colorist – "Yellowbrick" by Ric Wilson
Music Video – Eddie Letamendi
DI Colorist – Pooh: The Derrick Rose Story
Feature – Stadium
Colorist – Ghosts of War
Feature – Miscellaneous Entertainment
DI Colorist – My Evil Stepdad
Feature – Lifetime & MarVista Entertainment
Dailies Color Supervisor – The Chi (S01 - 03)
Television – Showtime
Deliverables – Come As You Are
Feature – Chicago Media Angels
Additional Digital Intermediate – 100 Days to Live
Feature – Power Law Productions
Colorist – Golden Slumber
Short Film – Middle Mind Project
Colorist – Trying to Disappear Again
Short Film – Middle Mind Project
DI Colorist – the T
Online – OTV
DI Colorist – Lady Parts Justice in the New World Order
Online – Kartemquin Films
DI Colorist – Saya
Short Film – Fawzia Mirza
DI Colorist – Hope Springs Eternal
Feature – Glyden Entertainment
Colorist – We Suck at This
Online – Scott Dixon
DCP Author – Industrial Accident: The Story of Wax Trax! Records
Feature – Wax Trax Records
Colorist – WaMahyaya 4
Television – Digital Hydra
Dailies Colorist – Honest Thief
Feature – Dreadnought Films
DI Colorist – Her Worst Nightmare
Feature – Lifetime & MarVista Entertainment
Colorist – Richard
Short Film – Scott Dixon
Colorist – Capsule
Short Film – Scott Dixon
Dailies Tech – Hot Date (S01)
Television – Pop TV
Colorist – 1968
Short Film – Renee Props
DCP Author – 2 in the Bush: A Love Story
Feature – Laura Madalinski
Additional Digital Intermediate – Canal Street
Feature – Red Guerilla Productions
Colorist – Public Housing Unit
Online – Digital Hydra
DCP Author – Pearl Jam: Let's Play Two
Feature – Fox Sports
DCP Author – Porto
Feature – Double Play Films
DCP Author – Did You Wonder Who Fired the Gun?
Feature – Travis Wilkerson
DI Colorist – The Perfect Christmas Present
Feature – Hallmark & MarVista Entertainment
Colorist – Bernadette
Feature – Digital Hydra
Colorist – Aliens: Zone of Silence
Feature – Altered LA
Additional Colorist – School Spirits
Feature – MORE Productions
DCP Author – The Workers Cup
Feature – Adam Sobel
DCP Author – Princess Cyd
Feature – Sunroom Pictures
Colorist – Prime Time
Short Film – Middle Mind Project
Dailies Colorist – Empire (S01 - 02)
Television – FOX TV
DI Colorist – Cellar Door
Short Film – Fatal Funnel Films
Additional Digital Intermediate – Kickboxer: Vengeance
Feature – Radar Pictures
Dailies Colorist – Zoobuiquity
Television – FOX TV
Colorist – Hidden Tears: Tanya
Short Film –
Colorist – Long Way to the Top
Feature – Late Morning Films
Colorist – "See More Than Just Stars" by Prefuse 73
Music Video – Middle Mind Project
Colorist – Sawubona
Short Film –
Colorist – The Advanced Technological Regression of Nestor Talbot
Short Film – Craig Erpelding
Colorist – "Dusty Wing Spirit" by Adam Torres
Music Video – Brian Michael Wiebe
Colorist – El Profe
Short Film – Middle Mind Project
Dailies Colorist – Love is a Four Letter Word (Pilot)
Television – FOX TV
Dailies Colorist – Crisis (S01)
Television – NBC
Colorist – A Good Person
Feature – Brian Michael Wiebe
Colorist – "Like That" by Save the Clocktower
Music Video – Brian Michael Wiebe
Colorist – "Puppet" by Glass Lux
Music Video – Middle Mind Project
Colorist – In Bloom
Feature – Rediation Pictures
Colorist – West of Thunder
Feature – Button and Reel Entertainment
DI Colorist – Teacher
Feature – Buffalo 8

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