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I've been serving the network, broadcast, sports, news, feature and corporate worlds since 1997. If you've watched television anytime in the last two plus decades, you've probably seen some of my work. From feature interviews to live shots to multi-cam productions and everything in-between, I've done it all.

Based in the Charlotte, NC market, most of the Southeast is easily drivable in less than a day. Most of the major Universities in NC & SC are within three hours or less. And I am within 3.5 hours of Atlanta, GA, 7 hours of Daytona, Fl, 5 hours of Richmond, VA, and 6.5 hours of Tuscaloosa, AL & Nashville, TN. Plus Charlotte Douglass International Airport is a major international hub offering direct service to & from countless airports in the US and around the world.

I believe in providing top quality equipment that matches the top quality production standards and services that I give my clients, each and every time. My gear packages are able to handle almost anything. Although centered around an F55, two P2 VariCam's and a C300, what is really impressive, though, is the extensive lighting, grip and multiple audio packages that are second to none. Two Bron-Kobold 800 HMI's, multiple Nila Boxers, LitePanels Gemini's & Astra's, Quasar Science Tubes, Astera's, and the list goes on. Wanna go old school tungsten? We have that in spades, too. Oh yeah, so we can see them, but what about hearing them? Audio may be an afterthought to some, but I know and understand that it's really the most critical aspect of any interview. The viewer isn't going to care that the shot may be incredibly well lit and crafted, if they can't clearly hear or understand the person talking, you've lost them immediately. That's why I have some of the best audio gear available, including the Sound Devices 664 and 633 mixer/recorders, 12 channels of Lectrosonics wireless, Shoeps and multiple Sanken shotguns, Sanken, Countryman, Tram and Sony lav's, plus Sennheiser handheld mics.

Not every production has the need for every toy, or the budget and I understand that, because sometimes all you need is a "one-man-band", but other times you need to go all out or just somewhere in-between. Contact me and we can discuss your specific projects or productions needs and budget.

I have been in the industry since 1997.

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