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MediaCombo Productions's principals have 25+ years experience producing shoots for overseas agencies, production companies and broadcasters in the United States and Caribbean. We know what the world’s top creatives and directors need and we give them what they want!

MediaCombo also specializes in content development, production and interactive design for cultural institutions and corporations. Clients include some of the country’s leading cultural institutions. MediaCombo''s ability to work with museum, corporate and production executives, as well as curators, scientists, and content specialists, has allowed us to create dynamic, original programming, tailored to the needs of our clients and their audiences.

We have been in the industry since 2004.

Triton Films
Added on 11/3/2015
This commercial starring Hugh Jackman seemed like an almost impossible request from the outset. The creative vision involved scenes on a roof top, central park, a gym, and interior and exterior shots of him driving the Camry around San Fran. This all needed to happen in one 8 hour day in Manhattan because he was starring in a play on Broadway and could only work on his day off. With a lot of creative problem solving, 5 rental studios, green screen, his stunt double, we got Mr. Jackman out on time with all the shots needed to put this together as intended.

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