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Hi there, I’m Justin Mein a commercial advertising, conceptual & portrait photographer living in Los Angeles California. Figured I would tell you a little about myself so we aren’t strangers when we meet in person.

I love storytelling with images. Taking a picture that does the speaking for itself is so profound. Storytelling through imagery has always been second nature for me. Like a lot of photographers, I started in the wedding industry. You are green; the overhead is low, you figure why not? I can shoot weddings. 🙂 It was there that I learned some invaluable and necessary skills in photography. It was also there I realized what I didn’t want to do, which is also super important. Like most young shooters, it helped shape who I wanted to be as a photographer. Honestly, I don’t think there has ever been a time when I’ve taken a picture just to take it. There is always some sort of narrative happening in my head at the same time.

So, after my 10-year wedding phase, I branched out into working in commercial advertisement, portraiture, and conceptual work with brands and businesses. This became my world, mostly because it’s my favorite. When something is your favorite, you tend to do a really good job with it. I knew I found my “niche” and really enjoyed expressing ideas and sentiments or messages through a single frame. Ten years later and I still get just as excited before every production.

A life-changing experience for me was when I went to Big Sur to work on a branding commission for a client of mine. The owners of which have such deep and personal ties with their brand, so they were an integral part of the story. None of it was staged. Nothing was being done to look good. All of these great moments happened during the shoot, and we ended up getting some fantastic imagery because it was genuine for them. They were using their personal story to paint the picture for their customer. Nothing was fake. We were capturing real sentiment. I don’t remember it as hard work or long hours; I remember it being a blast.

That is why I chose this line of work, or rather, it chose me. That is why I do what I do.

I have been in the industry since 2010.

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