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The eDirector specializes in creating online learning courses through video. A few of the services we provide are: video course production, curriculum development and design, digital marketing, and delivery platforms.

The eDirector is helping educators, corporations, and Social Media Enterprises (SMEs) monetize their networks across the globe by giving their followers what they already follow them for; their genius. This leads to greater influence, social progress, and residual income.

We offer professional video production, signature course coaching, and video marketing solutions that structures your educational content into an eLearning series of compelling videos that together, we can market to your followers so you can profit from your genius…forever.

We have been in the industry since 2018.

Introduction to Cepheid's ROBAL Assembly Line
Added on 7/7/2020
eLearning course introduction produced by The eDirector for Cepheid, a company based in silicon valley that specializes in infectious disease testing. This course was 17 videos long and was one of two courses we produced for them in 2019.


Video Training Series – Training Series - Production Lines

March, 2018 — March, 2020
Corporate – Cepheid

Video Production, Curriculum Development, eLearning Platform – “An Every Home Design Guide”

January, 2018 — August, 2019
Other – Kismet House

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