Sean Endres

Denver, Colorado


About Me

Sean is a cinematographer and camera operator working on branded docs, commercials, and documentary projects. He uses his background as an outdoorsman and action sports athlete to thrive in unpredictable situations and is comfortable working with crews ranging in size from one-man-bands to 20+.

As a technician, Sean is a capable backcountry filmmaker, Steadicam owner/operator, gimbal operator, and has experience working with motion control systems for remote operation, as well as time-lapses.

Since 2015, when he first entered the media and entertainment industry, Sean has collaborated with multiple Fortune 500 companies including Johnson & Johnson, PG&E, and UPS as well as the US Military, contributed to Clio award winning projects, and worked as a founding member of the world's first Parkour Magazine.

His work has taken him throughout the US, into Europe and Mexico, and has found him equally comfortable with global leaders and corporate board rooms, and in the center of civil disturbances, and the operating theater.

I have been in the industry since 2015.


A-Camera Operator – Future of Westminster
Commercial – City Of Westminster
Gimbal Operator – Seed To Shelf
Commercial – Charlottes Web CBD
Gimbal Operator – Taking The Message Further
Commercial – BBC
A-Camera Operator – Kingstons Math
Commercial – Elephant Learning
Cinematographer – World Chase Tag
Commercial – Envy Gaming
Cinematographer – One X2 Parkour
Commercial – Insta360
B-Camera Operator – Super Hero
Commercial – Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association
Cinematographer – Beach Day
Commercial – Pyramid Brewing
Cinematographer – Dream of The Architect
Commercial – V-Moda
A-Camera Operator – Rise 'N Shine
Commercial – Engel Coolers
Cinematographer – Dream of the Painter
Commercial – V-Moda
Cinematographer – A2B - Third Of A Mile Parkour
Commercial – Skydio
Cinematographer – Crane 3 - We Are Workers
Commercial – Zhiyun Tech
Cinematographer – Queen City Documentary
Feature – Point A Productions
D-Camera – Restoration 1
Television – Undercover Boss
Camera Operator – Justin Wren
Feature – Fight For The Forgotten
Cinematographer – Resilient Cities Boulder
Online – The Atlantic Council
A-Camera Operator – Unpacking Perfect
Other – 9 News Denver
A-Camera Operator – Through It All Promo
Feature – Richie Furay
Gimbal Operator – Rebelle Rally
Other – Wunder
Cinematographer – Smoke Season
Short Film – Pacific Science Center
Cinematographer – The Project
Online – Endurance Parkour
Cinematographer – Surprise Party
Short Film – Michael T. Starks
A-Camera Operator – Feed Me
Short Film – Directed By Caitlin Ferrel
Cinematographer – Unbounded
Short Film – Directed By Josh Addison
Cinematographer – Glo Gordon Interview
Corporate – Matrixx
Cinematographer – Honore LaBourdette Interview
Corporate – Red Hat
A-Camera Operator – Denver Startup Week
Live Event – Livalittle
Cinematographer – Genetic Sequencing
Corporate – ArcherDX
A-Camera Operator – AAEP
Live Event – Active Interest Media
A-Camera Operator – Alpha Walkthrough
Corporate – Oregon Trailer
Set Photographer – Compelled
Music Video – Ghost Creek
Set Photographer – He Who Tends The Garden
Short Film – Directed By Ben Jenkins
Set Photographer – Paris
Music Video – Canyon City
Camera Operator – Denver Burger Battle
Corporate – Full Pour Media
Gimbal Operator – Gillette Stadium
Corporate – Environmental Service Solutions
A-Camera Operator – Mantenance
Corporate – UC Health
Set Photographer – Testimonials
Corporate – Rental Kharma
C-Camera Operator – Continuing Education
Corporate – Alteryx
Cinematographer – Weather Satellites
Corporate – UCAR
Camera Operator – Twin Cup Challenge
Corporate – Audi
Cinematographer – Something About Scooters
Commercial – Karsh Hagan
Cinematographer – Animal Flow Online
Commercial – Animal Flow
360 Camera Operator – VR Suicide Prevention
Other – US Air Force
Cinematographer – Same Destination
Commercial – Sherpa Equipment Co
Cinematographer – DEI Overview
Corporate – Google
A-Camera Operator – Always Ready
Commercial – Ubco Bikes
Cinematographer – Catalyze Pitch
Online – University Of Colorado
Camera Operator – Dave's Gift
Online – UPS
A-Camera Operator – Unpacking Perfect: Elliot Marshall
Television – 9 News Denver
Set Photographer – Elegy For A Glacier
Short Film – Directed By Stepanie Falkeis
Cinematographer – Client Testimonials
Corporate – Next Step
Set Photographer – Game Day
Commercial – Ibotta
Cinematographer – The O.riginal Cannabis Pen
Commercial – O.pen
Cinematographer – QUIC Wildfire Modeling
Online – Los Alamos National Laboratories
Camera Operator – APHA Conference TV
Corporate – Webs Edge
Camera Operator – The Phoenix Effect Pilot
Television – Travis Hawkes Media
Camera Operator – Vaccine Outreach PSA
Television – CO Department of Public Health
Cinematographer – New Zero World Pilot
Feature – New Zero World

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