Tungsten Studio

4529 Clark Street, #506,
Montreal, Quebec H2T 2T3


About Us

Tungsten Studio is a video production studio composed of storytelling experts and content strategists for brands. Founded 10 years ago, we’ve shot all over the globe for ambitious and demanding clients. We are creative, efficient, empathic and surprisingly organized.

We like what we do and we do it well. And if you're looking to shoot in Montreal, the province of Quebec or anywhere in Canada ? Look no further! Pilot, corporate, TV Ad, documentary, product video, aerials, studio, on location, casting, scouting ? We have the network and the structure to make it happen.

We've crewed many US producers and clients like NVIDIA and XBOX with the right local teams and DP'S to get the shots they needed on Canadian soil over the years.

We have been in the industry since 2008.

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