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We have done 2 union productions post COVID and are ready and prepared for your next project!

Servicing Georgia and beyond, Redefining Food & Event Production

It's Personal- We will work with you to meet or beat your budget with style!
Eco Friendly-We do not use Styrofoam, we use compostable silverware sets and box containers, we provide recycling receptacles if desired, and we can provide watering centers instead of bottled water.
Our Commitment-Locally sourced produce and the freshest ingredients means food
that is exceptional in taste.

Crafty with style and a smile

Seasoned (Gotta have seasoning!) Crafty Professionals with proven ability to provide first class craft service to small and large sets. We are known for providing a variety of nutritious, delicious snacks and meals, on time, below budget, and for maintaining a fully stocked, attractive setup. We pay close attention to crew preferences, cleanliness, staying in sync with production schedules for snacks and second meals and have developed a reputation for reliability and excellent service.

Most importantly, we work hard to do everything with a Big Smile, Friendly Demeanor and strong “can do” attitude!

​We have multiple crafty kits including a 10 x7 trailer for small sets and an eco friendly custom built 24 foot craft service trailer with a full kitchen and bonus additions for the benefit of the cast and crew. To enable cooking for large productions it has a double oven, 5 burner propane stove, commercial grade fridge and a under the counter freezer.

It also features a flat screen television (for sports scores, news etc), sandwich prep station, specialty espresso and coffee, snack bar, cold drinks and other niceties for the basecamp crew or other cast and crew coming to the crafty trailer.

Our crew is Serv Safe certified and have taken numerous courses on Diet and Nutrition and Sports Nutrition.

Collectively our team has been catering for large and small event and hosting and entertaining other large parties for dozens of years.

We cater to providing snacks for all specialty diets including gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian etc.

We have been in the industry since 2007.

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